Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dinner on the Lake

Friday night we went back down to Tahoe for dinner with Kate, Jim, Kelli and Abby. On the way, we passed this little scene in Carson City. Seems a little late - the budget had already been passed by the legislature, vetoed by the governor, and the veto overridden by the legislature. And I'm not sure what Obama had to do with any of it ...

We got down to South Lake and Kate had picked a spot on the lake for dinner. The view was great, especially when the sun came back out, and we had such a nice time! Kate told some stories about when Chris and Kyle were kids, including a time when they came in the house chanting something along the lines of "We're manly men, we need to eat; We're manly men, we need some meat!" Chris claims no memory of such an event, of course!

Kelli & Me

Chris and Abby, chasing after a raccoon that we'd seen earlier run behind the bar on the patio, and then on the beach and under the patio.

Kelli sips on a Rum Runner, the restaurant's signature drink

Me & Chris needed a picture with the view, naturally

Kelli said her and Abby had such a good time she's going to come home and tell everyone to come and visit me and Chris! (Okay, maybe I made that up ... but come visit anyway.)


Drea said...

likin' the beard, Chris!

Tammy said...

I keep asking him about it, so finally the other day he says "I'm not shaving until you get a job."