Thursday, April 4, 2013

Picture Day

I am enjoying being back in Phoenix. I really loved living in Reno and so I'm not sure I realized how much I missed being in a big city until we got here. Tomorrow night I'm going with a friend to see Citizen Kane at Movies in the Park. Next week I'll attend an event for Genocide Awareness Week at Scottsdale Community College. My sister-in-law and I have tickets to see Mumford and Sons in June. And I have never before moved somewhere where I have already lived - I have friends already! Plans for birthday parties and favorite restaurants and coffee shops picked out before I even got here! It's great.

But can I be honest? It's really hard, too. I'm not sure Chris and I have ever been apart this long, even when we were long distance. By the time he visits in a couple weeks it will be four weeks. (Honestly, I have no idea how military families do it. I want to buy them all a cake.) It's hard on me, but especially hard on our monkey. Lots of changes in addition to being away from him makes it especially hard for her. We miss Scoop, too. My job is great, and her school is great, but drop-offs are emotional every morning. Bedtimes are emotional, too. Her school texted me pictures on her first day, and they encourage me to call as much as I want. They are great. But there's just so much that's new for her - new city, new school, living with Grandma and Grandpa while we sell the house - it's a lot at once. There have been a lot of extra cuddles.

So you're wondering what this has to do with Picture Day? Well, it was yesterday. And today. Two days, but neither day. It turned out to be just one new thing too many. She refused. Wanted nothing to do with the photographer. Wouldn't stand behind the lemonade stand they created for a prop. I did snap these ones on our way to school ...

I have high hopes for fall picture day once we're all settled in and adjusted.