Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Lovely Day

This week started out with its ups and downs. There was having evenings free with Chris Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ... Great. Then there was waiting on hold with unemployment for an hour to be asked silly questions and told I'd still have to talk to someone else on Friday ... Annoying. There was having a couple days of work at the paper ... Good. There was getting the run around in applying for a part-time retail job ... Very Frustrating. So I decided I would take a break from the roller coaster of being underemployed in exchange for the roller coaster ride of Highway 70 and hit the road on Thursday for a visit to Quincy.

It was so great to spend a few hours just hanging out, relaxing and catching up with my Mom. I checked out the house that her and John are building and they've made so much progress. It's looking nice and when they are done, what a great feeling it will be to know they did it all themselves! My dear friend Julia treated me to lunch in town, and there is just never enough time to visit with her - I feel like we could have kept on chatting for hours if she didn't have important lawyering business to get back to. But before she left for her meeting, she did get us a slice of chocolate cake to share and it was divine. Sometimes, it's just really nice to be home and forget about your troubles.


Julia said...

You come over here anytime - I miss you! Besides, I think we all need a bit more cake in our lives, don't you?

Nanette said...

Next time you go, TAKE ME WITH YOU!

Andrea said...

Dorothy didn't have that famous line for nothing. I am glad you had a good visit!