Friday, May 1, 2009

Confessions of a cyber stalker

I have a confession: Sometimes when I'm enjoying a blog, I start looking at the blogs that person reads. (I know at least a couple of you can relate to this.) Sometimes I'm just bored, other times I'm looking for inspiration. But sometimes, it spirals out of control. I look at that person's reading list, then the next and the next ... and the next thing you know I can't tear myself away from reading the Pioneer Woman's great love story and I can't even remember how I ended up on her site in the first place. (Even if you don't read her love story, just take a glance at her site. She takes some really gorgeous photos.)

photo from Pioneer Woman

On just such a blogging roller coaster ride the other day, I happened on this Design Mom blog, written by a mom of five (five!!) who is moving from NYC to Colorado (like, right now.) Before they left, they had these beautiful family portaits taken in Central Park. Hopefully it's not too creepy that I'm posting one here - I just thought it was such a great idea to have family portraits taken in a place that means something to you in your hometown that I wanted to share. I'm sure they will especially treasure having them once they are far, far away.

photo from Design Mom

Since we aren't running out to get family portaits taken any time soon, here is one fun idea I spotted on the fabulous Jaimee Rose's blog this week (which she found on Martha Stewart) that looks super simple and I'm determined to make the next time my girlfriends come over.

photo from Martha Stewart via Jaimee Rose


Leia said...

Tammy I'm totally with you on your cyber stalking. I too have found myself checking in on random strangers to see what is going on in their life. I even created a folder in my favorites titled 'random blogs'. Some I visit more often than others. I have to admit I've been following this woman's blog for almost three years now. Three years! I can't believe that. And yet I've never met her, probably never will but damn skippy I would be able to pick her and her kids out in a crowd.

Nanette said...

I do this all the time. The scary part comes in when I want to start leaving comments...I'm pretty sure the author would wonder who the heck this weird Nanette girl is. Oh well, it sure passes the time. :)

Julia said...

I JUST read the DesignMom post with the family you are in good company with your cyberstalking!