Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dumb luck

Photo: Associated Press

On Friday I was looking over the entries for the Kentucky Derby and picked four I liked. Two were somewhat longshots and two were more heavily favored. I asked Chris if $20 was too much for me to spend on my bets, and he wondered why I had to spend more than $8 for four horses (seeing how $2 is the minimum bet.) I told him don't worry about it, and went ahead with my plan. I put $4 to win on Mine That Bird, $4 to win on Chocolate Candy, $2 across the board on I Want Revenge and $2 across the board on Pioneerof the Nile. The guy at the sports book taking my bets was new and had some trouble entering them (also "across the board" had to be explained - FYI, it's $2 to win, $2 to place, $2 to show) but eventually I got all my tickets for the correct race. I walked outside wondering if this was a good sign or a bad sign. By the time I got to my car I was just hoping to break even, knowing we aren't really in a position to be squandering away money right now. I woke up on Saturday to learn that the favorite, I Want Revenge, had scratched. Phew ... at least I would get back $6. The race started, and the only one of my horses I saw near the front was Pioneerof the Nile. Then all of a sudden, it seemed out of nowhere, came the 8 horse - Mine That Bird burst out in front and there was no turning back. By now I'm screaming at the TV, clapping and wondering if the neighbors are starting to think I'm cuckoo for cocoa puffs. He won by 6 3/4 lengths! He was 50-1! My $4 bet was going to pay $206! Pioneerof the Nile came in second, so I won a little there, too. I walked out of the Sports Book with $227.20 in my pocket. People keep asking how I picked him, and I really don't know - just dumb luck I guess. And all of a sudden, Chris was singing a different tune. "Imagine if you put $20 on him to win then we'd have a thousand dollars!" Yep - coulda, woulda, shoulda.

The winning tickets

I took the winnings straight to the bank and put a good chunk in our savings account. Then, I took my husband on a date to see a movie, out to dinner and for dessert (because it's not really a date with out dessert). Then, I took what was left and hit Target after work today for a new blazer to wear for applying and interviewing for jobs (how practical!) and splurged on some velcro rollers for my hair to see if they can give it some life. But I kind of like it like this, perhaps I'll leave them in when I go out tomorrow ;)


villette1 said...

Yeah Tammy! The new sports boys wanted to know how to pick a horse. I told them to watch the post parade and pick the feistiest one.

Marina said...

I saw those curlers last time I was at Target and thought about getting them. Let me know how they worked out ;)

Nanette said...

Ditto about the curlers! Congrats Tammy you deserve it!

Andrea said...

What a great story!!! Love it ;)

Sarah said...

Cute story! Way to go Tammy!