Thursday, May 21, 2009

Earrings and Cupcakes

Our friend Na has been wanting to have a jewelry night for a few weeks, but the last time I scheduled it, I was asked to work and had to cancel. So last week the rest of us girls decided that, since today is Na's birthday, we would have jewelry night on Wednesday and surprise her for her birthday, too! Of course, no birthday surprise would be complete without cupcakes!
I think Na was really surprised and everyone had a good time learning how to make their own earrings. Success!
Click on the pictures if you want to see them bigger.

Erin, Na and Vickie making their earrings.

Erin, Na and Vickie showing off their creations.

Modeling our new earrings and rewarding our hard work with a cupcake!

* * * * * * *

Want to throw your own jewelry-making party on a tight budget? Hint, it helps if you already own lots of beads and tools! But here are a few other tips ...
  • Ice cube trays - two for $1 at the dollar store - make easy bead holders.
  • Don't have a tablecloth? Use an old sheet and tie it with a ribbon under the table and no one will know! (And even if they do, they probably won't care.)
  • Martha Stewart paper flower decoration kits at Micheal's are $19.99 - yikes! Instead, buy some tissue paper for $1.49 and Google "tissue paper flowers" to make your own for much less.
  • Instead of buying custom beaded cupcake flags, make your own with stuff you already have - a piece of paper, a printer, scissors, a toothpick and double-sided tape. Top with a bead if desired.
  • If you see cake mix at the store on sale for buy two, get three free, stock up for goodness sake!


volksbloggin said...

Thanks for the tips Tammy. You're so creative.

Drea said...

Cute!! I am glad it was a hit!

Sarah said...

What an adorable idea! Great money-saving tips too!

Melynda Hache' said...

Have I mentioned 1. how much I love my bracelet or 2. how many compliments I get on it? I will be looking shortly for a purple one!!! You should send 3 business cards out with each item for people to give away when they get compliments on their jewelry made by tmkg!

The Poty's said...

I think you should charge for bead parties. I was invited to a bead party but didn't go but, I think it goes something like this: invite friends, teach them how to make something, then charge them for what they make, and give the hostest something for free. After the party you hope that someone had enough fun to host the next one, just like pampered chef but with jewlery. Just a thought.