Monday, May 11, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame

Since I didn't have much going on yesterday and Chris was working at the Aces game, (and since a certain player from San Jose State was playing for the opposing team) I decided I'd go to the game, too. My friend Na said she'd come along, and I ran into some friends from the paper as well. It was a really nice day, and tons of people were there. For mother's day, the players wore pink jerseys in support of breast cancer awareness. The Aces came back from a 6-run deficit to force the game into extra innings, but gave up a grand slam in the 10th and lost. I believe Chris called it "the mother of disappointments." But it was still a fun day.

This huge "baseball" sings at every seventh-inning stretch. We all just assumed it was mechanical, but (hot scoop!) Chris found out there are people inside moving the mouth. (You heard it here first, folks, this hasn't even been reported in the RGJ yet ;)

Can you spot my husband in the press box?

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