Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Suppose ...

SUPPOSE you are married, but you do not yet have kids and neither you or your spouse is in school (and therefore has no homework) and you do not own a house (and therefore have no lawn to mow or weeds to pull or flowers to plant) and you both have the night off work for the fourth night in a row (and will again tomorrow) and dinner is already taken care of (because you have plenty of leftovers to get rid of) and chores can wait until tomorrow (because you don't have to work) ... how would you spend your evening?
  • 1. Watch television

  • 2. Go to the gym

  • 3. Play Scrabble

  • 4. Something else

If your answer is 4 and it doesn't cost much money, what is it? We would LOVE to know! But, please folks, keep it clean. Our parents read this blog for goodness sakes!


Melynda Hache' said...

Well, back in the day (a long long time ago) Edward and I used to walk to the park or just go outside and throw the football around. I don't know what the weather is like but you could have a picnic, too and make an evening of it!

Tammy said...

This wouldn't have worked today (we were going to go for a walk but it was super windy) but maybe tomorrow if it dies down ...

villette1 said...

I was going to suggest take a bike ride, but that's hard to do when it is windy as well (and only works if you all have bikes).

Nanette said...

Bobby and like to fly kites-you can get some silly ones at WalMart for like $2.

We also ejoy this dumb game where you write down a bunch of really random questions (ie-what would you do with a million dollars) and put them in a bowl and take turns asking each other said questions. Its silly but it passes the time.

We like to go to the drive thru for icecream cones and then go for a drive and see if we can get lost. (This is nice to do later with kids that you want to go to sleep.)
Otherwise, we are pretty boring.

Drea said...

Baggo? Have Andrea send you papers to grade? Hike to the N? Get a Chia pet?

Sarah said...

Love the pic - that's so funny!

When money is tight we love to go to Barnes and Noble/Borders/etc., grab a coffee (optional) and sit and read magazines for free - those magazines sometimes have good ideas for things to do too.

Leia said...

Have you ever played Sequence? Its a board/card game. Steve and I get very competitive. We've spent many a nights trying to out do the other one.

volksbloggin said...

El cheapo entertainment: Watch television. Read books. Work on the New York Times crossword puzzle together. Give each other massages. Rent movies from the library. Play board games. Practice ballroom dances. And go for a walk as soon as it's not windy. Listen to NPR shows. I recommend "This American Life." Benny and I do the ask-each-other-random-questions thing a lot.

volksbloggin said...

One more thing: get a chia pet

Tammy said...

Tonight our decision was 31-cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins (before dinner!) and watching Netflix. But there are some really great suggestions here (and some I suspect you realize Chris would never go for in 100 years). We will hang on to these for another day! Thanks everyone! Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to keep this PG and sum it up in one word: Newlyweds (let your imagination run wild).

KatG said...

Here's what I do to fill time while Jeffrey studies and what we do together during his study breaks on weekdays:

While he studies:
-read A LOT-books, online, whatever
-watch Netflix (rarely real tv)
-clean things
-annoy the dogs
-do freelance work
-started a blog with a friend
-paint my nails

When he takes a break:
-dog park
-ice cream (BR has cheap cones every tuesday)
-keep ignoring him and watch Netflix

It isn't exciting. But I also go to bed around 10. So it doesn't have to be.

Julia said...

I second the suggestion about the bookstore - that was one of our favorite things to do when we still lived in the city (boo small town - boo!) I also like these ideas:

1. Go to the batting cages - they are usually relatively cheap

2. Go out for dessert only - pick a nice restaurant, dress up, go to the restaurant around 9 and each get a drink and dessert to share.

3. Check out the second run movie theatre - I am always missing movies I wanted to see, and love to see them for only $2-3 dollars a pop

4. Try the driving range - a bucket of golf balls isn't very expensive and its fun, even if you're terrible like me

5. Go walk a neighborhood you really like and pick out the houses you'd want to live in

6. Make a living room picnic

7. Act like a tourist and go around town and take pictures of each other at the sites - downtown, the river, the museum, the sagebrush. Post them on the blog or make a little book of them.

8. Go tour a local art gallery - they often have free openings with wine and little snacks. Even if the art is terrible, it can still be very entertaining.

9. Have a film festival - pick a theme (classic black and white, Oscar award winners, all Paul Newman movies, all 80s movies, etc.) and watch several within your theme during the week

10. Do a pub (or ice-cream) crawl -pick a new place to go each week and try a new beer or ice-cream flavor.