Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Olden Days

I found this letter a few months ago, tucked into a photo album from junior high.
Every few years, I pull it out and give it a read. My friend Melanie sent it to me in the summer we turned 13 while I was at my Dad's for a few weeks. I believe (based on the letter's contents) that was also the summer that Mena and I went to visit our Dad's family in New Hampshire as well. I stuck it in the album because Melanie had written some lyrics on the back of the envelope. (Other things I stuck in the album: napkins, ticket stubs, business cards and brochures as souvenirs from places we'd visited from Quincy to L.A. to Colorado.)

I wonder if I have more treasures like this somewhere at my mom's. I wonder if our kids will have things like this to look back on and remember their childhood. I mean, who is going to save e-mails and Facebook posts? And, oh, it is fun to read. All about boys and the things kids do on summer vacation when they're in junior high (Example - "I wish you were here for my party, we slept in a tent ... Oh, happy birthday to you to! We are both official teenagers now! Totally groovy!") Just lovely.

Melanie lived in Quincy from seventh through ninth grade, I believe, and then moved to Washington. Sometime during or after high school, we fell out of touch, but managed to find each other through the magic of the Internet and now she lives in L.A., where we recently got to see each other for the first time in more than 12 years. Today I finally remembered to to scan the letter in and e-mail it to her. So I guess, sometimes, technology can be a good thing :)

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