Friday, October 2, 2009

Old friends and a tailgate

One of the nice things about moving to Reno has been reconnecting with some old friends from high school. As fate would have it, our move happened not long after my high school reunion, so I had just gotten back in touch with some people I hadn't seen in years. We've spent a little time with Kristy, who now lives in Portola (this side of Quincy) and her husband Matt officiated our wedding. I started spending some time with Ashlie, who lived in Quincy when we moved up here and now lives in Reno. Although Julia and I hadn't been out of touch, we have been able to see each other more often, and that has been great. Also, when we first moved here, my friend Chad (who I've known since first grade) lived in Reno. We asked him to show us around town, and so he met us out for dinner one night and told us about some of his favorite spots ... and then he moved to Vegas a week or two later. But Chad and his girlfriend Theresa and, well, most of his family, come up here quite a bit for various reasons, so tomorrow we will see them tailgating before the UNR-UNLV game (we also saw them at the rib cook off last month and at an Aces game in July). Which got me thinking ... I have never been tailgating before. I did not exactly have the typical college experience, but can that be right? I'm afraid so - even after I moved to San Jose I only went to two football games because I was usually working Saturday nights at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Except there was this one time, in high school, where we all decided to "tailgate" for lunch. I realize it doesn't exactly qualify, but here we were ...I, apparently, was the one taking the photo. You may recognize a couple of the girls on the right, and that's Chad on the left. Although I'm sure this was fun, I'm looking forward to tomorrow and my first official tailgate (and hoping I can also get a ticket to the game - nothing like waiting until the last minute!)

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Julia said... Look at the hair (and jeans) of the poor girl on the right!