Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pieces of Reno

So, the other night, I was driving home from the office. Sometimes, you know, you drive the same road so much you don't notice anything anymore. But it struck me, what an odd little city Reno really is. In the less-than four mile drive, I go by a playground, houses, some of the biggest and brightest hotel-casinos in town, seedy rent-by-the-week motels, favorite old-time Reno restaurants, dive bars, strip clubs, a homeless shelter, mobile homes, tattoo parlors, over the railroad tracks and the river, past the dump. There is something fascinating about it. I decided I'd take pictures one day, on the way to or from work, to show some of these details about this place we've come to call home. I plan to do this sometime, but right now I don't know when I'll have the time - it would be a long walk (or a long drive with all the stopping I'd have to do). In the meantime, along the same idea, I took some pictures on my walk from school to where I parked my car today. You can see those pictures here.

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