Thursday, September 24, 2009

A visitor and a wedding

So, as you know, Andrea came for a visit last weekend. The purpose of the visit was the wedding of her friends Annette and Louis, and since Jeremy is away for training, I was able to go as Andrea's date to the wedding, which was beautiful. (If you think this sounds like deja vu, you are correct!) It is always a treat to have my old roomie here and the weekend went by too fast! Here are some pictures from the weekend and the wedding:

Friday night at West Street Market

Me and Dre at the Wedding on Saturday

Alexya, Kat and Me

Kat, Alexya, Annette, Dre and Brandie

Post-wedding, we met up with Chris and his friends - would you believe it if I told you Dre and Chris Murray here knew each other from college?


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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volksbloggin said...

There was a reference on your facebook photos of Andrea having TWO dates for the wedding. Is this true?

Tammy said...

There was a question as to why I'm always at these weddings without Chris. I said it was because I'm Dre's date. Then Dylan said he thought he was her date ... but I'm pretty sure he was just joshin' around ;)

Drea said...

Thank you guys for having me!! And, thank you for sending my remaining items to me. I just wanted to stay a little longer in some way. Miss you already!