Monday, March 9, 2009

A whirl of a weekend

I got home Sunday from a great trip to Southern California with my sister that began Thursday and included lunch with Lindsey and Melanie (a friend from junior high/high school who I haven't seen in maybe 14 years), an attempt to surprise Becky at work (which turned into a visit to her house - she was furloughed just like me!), Lebanese dinner with Dad and Deb (schwarma!), breakfast at Uncle George's (pancakes!), visiting with Jen and Jim and cooing over miss Juliette, fancy seafood dinner with Dad and Deb in celebration of Mena's turning 28, a couple games of Scrabble, and a visit with our great Aunt Ruth. It was so nice to see everyone and, as always, felt like there just wasn't enough time. During our trip, Mena and Lindsey gained a new birthday buddy! Michelle and Benny welcomed little Olivia, and we couldn't be happier for the newly-expanded V-Team!

Lindsey, Me and Melanie

Juliette meets Aunty Mena for the first time

Who couldn't love this face?

The birthday girl getting ready to make a wish

Deb, Mena, Me and Dad

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Nanette said...

I just love your family! Seriously.