Thursday, September 10, 2009

Something's missing

Mom and Stony on their wedding day

This summer, I had some free time on my hands, and I made a few trips to Quincy. And each time, as I was on my way, I would think of my stepdad. All I wanted to do was go to our old house and sit with him on our old front porch, drink iced tea and talk. I miss those talks with him, and this year, maybe more than any since he died, I have thought about him so much.
When I was finishing the sixth grade, Stony was earning his associate's degree in hydrology and watershed management. This was a pretty big deal, as he'd never finished high school (though you'd have never known it) and hadn't been in school for decades. He graduated among the top in his class. I miss him for many reasons, but it's my area of study these days that has me wishing I could pick up the phone and call him. Right now, for instance, my homework is to re-write a brochure on hydromodification, something that I'm sure he could help me understand better. But also, sometimes I learn something that I think is really interesting and think it's something he'd want to know about, talk about, debate with me about.
His absence is always felt at big events - our college graduations, my wedding - but it's these little moments that meant so much that I miss the most.


Nanette said...

Oh Tammy, I am sending you a hug.
I miss him too. He was always my dad away from home.

Marina said...

I know exactly how you feel, especially when I was in Beirut. I was visiting all of these countries I'm sure he had been to and all I wanted to do was talk to him about them and share stories. Love you.