Friday, April 17, 2009

The rub

I heart baseball. I've always enjoyed watching a game. So much, in fact, I chose to have my bachelorette party at a Dodger game.

So I was pretty excited to hear Triple-A baseball was coming to Reno. Couldn't wait for opening day. I talked about having my 30th birthday bash at the ballpark. When I became the multimedia reporter, I started regularly filming construction of the new downtown stadium, and made a video about it, which (thank goodness) I posted the day before I was laid off. The day I was laid off happened to also be three days after tickets for opening day sold out. (It also happened to be media day at the ballpark. One of the first things I said to the executive editor was "But what about all the Aces videos I was going to shoot today?") I hadn't bought any tickets for the game, of course, because I was going to be part of the credentialed media working the game. So now, here it is, Opening Day. Chris, the beat writer for the Aces, will be there. And most of the newsroom it seems. They are all a-Twitter about it. (See what I did there?) I know I can go to any other game later in the season. But it just won't feel the same.


Nanette said...

This is a sad song indeed. :(

Marina said...

super sad :(