Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kiera's first birthday party

Just kidding, folks. I didn't go to Kiera's birthday party. I just posted that headline to see if Laura was paying attention. She loooooves reading multiple blogs about the same thing ;)

* * * * * * *
So, it's been a little boring around here. Not a whole lot worth blogging about, unless you want to hear about the doctor's appointments I had today - you know, before my insurance changes next month. (I've decided going to the eye doctor is like torture for me. I seriously cannot stand anything near my eyes. Even puffs of air.) There's lots of fun things like that to do when you get laid off. Like sign up for unemployment, which I did on Sunday. The good news is (is it?) that my severance ran out on Tuesday, which means I am now eligible to return to work at the paper. I went to meet with my old (new) editor today and got a press badge and a story assignment. They're putting me on the "temp team" and I'll be working a whopping 12 hours a week, which is within their budget and low enough for me to still collect unemployment, but just how much remains to be seen. In other good news, the university offered me a graduate assistantship, which means I'd have a job during the school year for about 10 hours a week and it reduces my tuition. I need to meet with my advisor first to ask some questions before accepting, but I think it will be good. Now I just need to find something to keep me busy during the summer ... so I'm still looking for something part time and plan to start making calls about volunteering here in the next couple days.
In other excitement this week, Chris got me two free tickets to Monday night's Aces game so I finally go to go see the new stadium, and I have to say it's pretty awesome. There's lots of grass general seating area, plus all kinds of picnic tables and a drink rail so you can stop and watch the game from almost anywhere and set your beer down if you like. The game wasn't bad either - there was a grand slam, and the Aces won. Next time I go I'll take some pictures. Tonight, my friends and I are decorating cupcakes. They're for a shower only one of four of us is going to, but hey, I love decorating cupcakes. And it sure beats watching TV!


Melynda Hache' said...

That was awesome! Just awesome!

Marina said...

That's it, depending on well, everything, I have to come up for my reunion early to go with you to an Aces game. Congrats on the temp assignment!

Leia said...

Oh the Hil-arity! Especially since Laura was just going on yesterday about the multiple posts of same activities. Were you in on our phone call?
Kudos to you for keeping busy during your down time. I would be a mess.
PS I hope to see pictures of your cupcakes.

Laura said...

I just like a little variety in my blog reading - that's all I'm saying.