Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tasty Travels

So even though it's after 10 and I just finished working, I figured I'd better post something tonight so Holly and Leia have something to do at work Friday morning ;)

* * * * *
Rita picked Chris and me up at Sky Harbor Friday morning and our first stop was lunch ... my choice - Joe's Farm Grill.

Isn't it cute? When I worked in Gilbert, my coworkers and I ate lunch here all the time (this was before Guy Fieri discoverd it). I love it. The first time I took Chris there, he said "It's like what the people in the '50s thought the future would look like." Which pretty much sums it up. The orange blossoms outside were blooming and smelled delicious. It's got picnic tables to sit on out in the sunshine, and the food is made using fresh, local ingredients and it is delicious. Also, the bathrooms are decorated in an interesting way. Aside from the dolls, there are old cartoons playing above the urinals.

We spent the rest of Friday hanging out at the Gabel house, me reading on the porch swing until I got too hot, Chris working away on his laptop. Then Brad came home and Alison came over and we had a nice dinner. Rita made pizzookie for dessert - yum!

Saturday morning we headed off to Yuma. I insisted Chris stop in Dateland so I could get a World Famous Date Shake. If you haven't had one, you should. The closest thing I can compare the taste to is creme brule. I don't know if that's an accurate description, but I do know it was delicious.

We had a really great weekend hanging out with Jeremy and Andrea. Of course there was some Baggo.

Did you know Baggo was a spectator sport?
They took us to lunch at a new sandwich place called Kneaders which I probably would have lived at if it was open when we lived there. Later, we skyped with the newly-expanded V-team, and after that, we had fish and shrimp tacos at Las Palapas.

On Sunday, we went to breakfast at Garden Cafe (where the waitress gave us exactly one hour to eat since we didn't have reservations) and then Dre and I went to a Baby Shower, where I knew not one person and where we were the only two (except for a 3-year-old) wearing dresses.

Later we barbecued some carne asada (when I say we, I mean my contribution was slicing the avocado) and Matt and Roxanne stopped by with 2-year-old Savannah who is just adorable and much bigger than the last time we saw her (when she was about 3 months old.)

On Monday we headed for Tucson and Spring Training, which was fun even though it was work and I got a little too much sun. We had a great dinner of wine, burgers and milkshakes with Kat and Jeffrey and enjoyed catching up with them.

Tuesday there was more Spring Training (I have to point out here that the Dodgers beat the D-Backs) and then back to Phoenix where we had dinner with lots of friends -- Melynda and Edward; Daniel and Holly; Kelli and Kyle; Marc and Kristin; and Steve and Leia. It was so nice to see so many of our friends, but I feel like there wasn't enough time to catch up with everybody. I was sad to leave - especially since Chris will be there until Sunday - but am really glad that I was able to make the trip!


Nanette said...

I love Kneaders!!! They have them in Utah and the food is super yummy!

Marina said...

mmmmm, Joe's Farm Grill... pulled pork sandwiches. aaaarrrghhh.

The Poty's said...

I apreciate the post, that took up a couple of minutes of my morning. Maybe you could post something else for the afternoon :*)

Leia said...

Thanks for the shout out Tammy! You made me laugh out loud and I'm sure the people on the other side of my cube are wondering what I'm laughing at, again. It was great to see you and Chris, though I'll chat him up some more this weekend. I have to tell you being a newlywed suits you. You looked fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I'm really debating whether or not to drive down to Yuma when we're out in Scottsdale this October. Leaning more towards going, but I'm just not sure we can fit it in. You know I never found any of the "good" places to eat in Yuma. I've never heard of Las Palapas. Maybe I should have ventured past Burgers and Beer. And bravo for getting Chris to go back. I remember us taking once that if you get out of Yuma, you never return.

Joe G.

Drea said...

Ahh, a great snapshot of your time in AZ. We loved having you! Thanks for coming :)

Sarah said...

Sorry we missed you this trip! We had fun in Laughlin but we sure miss you guys!