Saturday, April 4, 2009

While the husband is away ...

I was home from Arizona for about 5 hours when a co-worker suggested how nice it would be to have a couple days by myself, and then was confused when I looked at her like she was crazy. I will confess, sometimes, it is nice to have a little Tammy time. But mostly when Chris is gone, I spend most of the day wishing he was home. Our work schedules vary, and next week he travels again to see the Reno Aces debut at Salt Lake. But instead of pout about it, I discovered a couple things to enjoy while he is away.
  • Having Thai food for dinner.
  • Watching movies that only I want to watch.
  • Not cleaning up any of my messes all week until Sunday (at which point I will straighten up like a mad woman before heading to the airport to pick up hubby. I always have been better working on a deadline.)
But mainly, I am just counting the hours until Chris gets home (28).

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Nanette said...

I have a hard time when Bobby goes away for work too. I try not to call him every five minutes-its hard.