Monday, March 2, 2009

Potato, tomato

So, Thursday night Chris was in Vegas covering some state championship basketball and I was on the phone with Michelle, telling her how I have trouble falling asleep when Chris isn't home since there's no TV in our bedroom and it was windy out and there were lots of noises. And then I said maybe I'd fall asleep on the couch, adding that Chris doesn't think our couches are comfortable, but I think they're great. And Michelle said, "You and Chris disagree on something? Shocker." And then, in my head, I thought, we don't disagree that much. Do we?

So Sunday afternoon, Chris came home from Vegas around noon and I came home from work around 4, and I said, "Did you see the treats?" "Treats?" "Yeah, the Girl Scout Cookies. I'm gonna make some ice cream right now." "Ice cream! Can't you just make mint ice cream? Don't waste the thin mints in the ice cream!" Seriously, we had four boxes of thin mints. It takes 1/4 of one box to make ice cream. And, in my opinion, that is hardly a waste. The ice cream-thin mint combo can only make each of them better, I think. And so, of course, I was on the winning end of this disagreement.
And when I brought Chris his ice cream, he said "I'm gonna need much more than that." See, he always comes around ;)


Laura said...

A+ for presentation Tammy. Nice touch with the thin mint cookie on the side.

Nanette said...

I really really want girl scout cookie ice cream now. That looks so yummy! You Krikorian girls and your culinary accomplishments kill me.
Its good to agree on most things.

volksbloggin said...

Since you both ate the ice cream, you are both winners. Delicious.