Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tumblin' Tumbleweed

A couple years ago, when I lived in Chandler, I went to a little school on the Indian Reservation for a story. I drove on a small dusty road, and a tumbleweed rolled across the road. I was pretty excited as I'd never seen that before, and later told Brad and Alison (Chris' dad and sister), "It was just like in the movies!" And of course they laughed at me, because apparently before so much of Chandler and Tempe were developed this was quite a common sight.

On Saturday, Chris and I drove home from a trip to Las Vegas and it was quite windy - almost like being on an airplane with turbulence, so ... not fun. But I still thought it was cool when the tumbleweed came rolling across the road.

* * * * *

We headed to Vegas early Thursday morning to meet up with Melynda and Edward and Daniel and Holly for a couple days. Marc was also there, separately, with some other people for March Madness. It was really great to have a couple days to spend with everyone. We did some shopping, some gambling, some dancing. On Friday night, Melynda and Holly (who might have had a little more to drink than me) decided to hold a bathroom performance because apparently it can win them a free trip to Ellen.

Daniel, making fun of them the next morning at breakfast, wondered what I might write on my blog about these two "8-year-olds" I spent the weekend with in Vegas. I guess when Daniel said that, he'd forgotten about Thursday night, when he put his beer on the moving walkway.
Melynda, Me and Holly on Thursday night
Edward, Daniel and Chris
The Boys, before going out Friday (Marc was not coming with us to the club)
Dancing Queens

Me and my love

* * * * *

We left Las Vegas wearing shorts (Chris) and a dress (me) and arrived to rain, which turned to snow. But these two tumbleweeds are headed back to Arizona for a few days at the end of this week and can't wait to see everyone ... and get our shorts and flip flops back out ;)


Melynda Hache' said...

I cannot believe you put that on your blog! I hope "Ellen" reads your blog! We had a great time! I am so glad you two were able to make it. See you next week!

The Poty's said...

I was dreading opening your blog this morning thinking I would find that video. I really was wondering why I didn't take your camera at breakfast and delete it. I really hope Ellen does not read your blog. It was good to see you guys and we can't wait to see you again next week!

Laura said...

oh Vegas....always a good time. What are you guys going back to AZ for this weekend?

Tammy said...

We extended a business trip for Chris (spring training) so we could see everyone ... including those in Yuma, Phoenix and Tucson. It will be a very busy few days, but we are excited! We will miss you, though :(