Sunday, March 15, 2009

The madness before March Madness

Chris and I had a very busy week of covering the WAC Tournament, which was kind of hectic, kind of fun, and a learning experience for me since I hadn't shot sports before this week. (If you feel like checking out some videos, click here.) I actually had to confess my guilt to Chris a couple days ago that I was torn during the Nevada-San Jose State game ... Of course I wanted my Spartans to win, but I thought a Wolf Pack victory would make a better video and be better for our coverage overall. (At this point, Chris reminded me that as an impartial journalist I shouldn't care which team wins ... but see how he feels if he's covering an ASU game.) Well, Nevada won, then won their next game, made it to the championship game and lost last night to Utah State, who will now go on to the NCAA Tournament. Now Chris is furloughed for the next week and today we are off to the Bay Area to see some more basketball - the Suns play at the Warriors tonight. Woop-woop!

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volksbloggin said...

Have a great time in San Fran. Eat some chowder for me. Mmmm. Chowder. We watched the WAC championship game yesterday and were disappointed for Nevada. And decided NOT to call Andrea and Jeremy. But I'm loving watching college basketball while Olivia is sleeping ... including that game that went for 6 OTs.