Saturday, March 28, 2009

3/28 to Yuma

Dead Cow Road, on the way from Tempe to Yuma, circa 2006

If that sign is true, that home is where your story begins, then today Chris and I are going home. If you recall, Yuma is where our story begins.

Yesterday Chris and I flew in to Phoenix, where we spent the day visiting with the Gabels and relaxing (well, I relaxed while Chris worked), and this morning we're headed to Yuma and we are so excited! I know it's not easy for everyone to get excited about a trip to Yuma, but this is the place where we met, and where we fell in love. It is also where we made some really great friends, and we are looking forward to one last hoorah in Y-town with Jeremy and Andrea before they head off to Mississippi* this summer (though we're sad not all of our old Yuma buddies will be there). And I might also be looking forward to some fish tacos at Las Palapas as well ...

*This is apparently not definite.

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