Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Resolution (part two)

Okay, I have compiled my list of Nevada things to do in 2010. You may notice there are 15 items instead of 10, that's because I'm not sure what time and budget will allow for, so I thought it might be helpful to have a few extra things to choose from. I will blog about each item as they are completed ...

From Chad:
2. Drink a Bloody Mary from the Bucket of Blood
4. Go to a ghost town (or three)
5. Visit Hoover Dam
6. Play dollar Black Jack at the Bonanza
7. Brothel Museum in Pahrump
8. Tour a working Gold Mine

From Kat:
9. Play craps at a craps table
10. Try a Winnemucca Potato
11. Go to the Genoa Candy Dance

From "You Know You're a Nevadan If ... "
12. Sign the book at the top of Mount Rose
13. Order "A Mess" at the Coney Island
14. Run or walk the Journal Jog

My own:
15. Eat at the Gold 'N Silver Inn

What are your New Year's Resolutions?
What are the must-do things in your state?


Drea said...

What about docking???

volksbloggin said...

None of my suggestions made the cut. So sad.

volksbloggin said...

Here is a part of our Okinawa list:
Before Leaving Okinawa

To Do (Events and Activities)

Origami class/workshop, Temari, Cocok’s nail salon, Tea Ceremony tour, Forest Adventure, Round 1, Ride the Ferris wheel at American Village, Tug of War, Hike Hiji Falls, Bullfight (Jan. 23, 2010) Sailing, Watch basketball game, New Year’s Day at Futenma Shrine, Battle Sites Tour, Blow glass at the Ryukyo Glass Factory, Wear a kimono, Exhibit for Art Connections, Watch American movie at Japanese movie theater, Christmas Lights at Botanical Gardens, Christmas Fantasy at Children’s Zoo, Lights at Peace Prayer Park, karate, Naha Dragon Boat Races (May 2010), Cherry Blossom Festival, mikan picking tour, Stay at Oura Wan cabins, Japanese baseball game, Dr. Fish at ChuLa-U, Kerema Island snorkeling, Lily Festival, Southern Hills Ice Skating, Sweet and Salt Tour, Yotsudake dinner theater, Club Med at Ishigaki, Ikebana, Watch Lyrical Lounge, House of Laughs show, Tour de Okinawa bike ride, Spooky Sites tour (October 2010), Kitone Ichi at Murasaki Mura (Golden Week), swim with dolphins at Renaissance Resort, Comprehensive Park, Love Motel, New Years Day Ceremony at Shuri Castle

Drea said...

But, you have done a lot of the events on your list, haven't you Michelle? Is that the total list or what is left?

Tammy said...

Michelle: Some of your ideas were the same as Chad's, so by default a couple of them made the list ... he just happened to answer first. (Also, the Nevada legislature only meets every other year, so I'd have to wait until 2011 to observe state government in action ... unless there's a special session.

Dre: No means no.