Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gold 'N Silver Inn

My mom came to town today to do some shopping, and wanted to go to lunch somewhere not too far from our place. I thought it sounded like a good opportunity to check something off my resolution list, so we went to the Gold 'N Silver Inn, which was filmed just this week for the Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. The restaurant would have already been on my list even had I not known this little tidbit of information. The RGJ food writer blogged about it a few months ago, and a journalism student and former RGJ intern recently did a multimedia project on the place. But the news that Guy Fieri had only been there three days before made my mom both excited and bummed - possibly the world's biggest Food Network fan, she wished she'd been there the same time as the TV crew. (The show also filmed at Louis Basque Corner, where I've been only for drinks, and Dish Cafe, where I've taken several people when they've come to town - including Andrea and Kelli.)
Anyway, it's an old Reno diner (Reno's oldest casual dining restaurant, apparently) and has been open 24/7 for like 54 years. Crazy! It's a popular spot, it seems, for the late-night, just-left-the-bars crowd, as well as early morning business breakfasts and more. I had the sourdough melt, which was just okay but the fries were terrific, and my mom had eggs benedict that she loved. The service was good and, other than the fact that I sat in something sticky when we first sat at our table, the experience was great.

One down, nine to go!

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