Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Odds 'n Ends

Well, we've been back from our vacation for a couple days now. We had a really great trip and it was so nice to see everyone! But, I'm not going to lie, after two weeks and lots of packing and unpacking the duffel bags and suitcases, it's nice to be back home and sleeping in our own bed.

Here's a little list of some things on our trip we haven't mentioned yet ...
  • On Christmas Eve, while we were all at church and Scoop and Molly in their crates, Alison's dog Tessa managed to find a bag of Ghirardelli chocolates Chris had put in my stocking, and ate nearly all of them. We later discovered the ones she didn't eat ... buried under the dirt in one of Rita's plants. What a funny dog! Luckily, she didn't get too sick from the chocolate.
  • We got lots of awesome Christmas presents, but the biggest surprise was when I picked up my stocking and it started ringing - Chris got me an iPhone, and I love it!
  • Chris lived in Yuma over three New Year's holidays ... and never spent one in Yuma. Apparently we had to move 800 miles away for that!
  • I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time. I am in love. Next time I'm bringing an extra suitcase just for that store.
  • I also went (along with Chris, Kat and Jeffrey) to Domestic Bliss in Mesa. Phoenix friends, check it out when you are in the neighborhood. It is adorable - and they have classes. (See more here.) Thanks Gautreauxs for making the trek up from Tucson to see us!
  • Alison introduced me to a dirty chai ... a chai latte with coffee (or espresso?) in it, and I am hooked. My Starbucks card is running low so I made one at home today - equal parts coffee, chai and soy milk - it was delish!
  • During the trip I got to eat at some of my favorite spots - Joe's Farm Grill (with Kelli and Abby), Oregano's (in Flagstaff with the Gabels), Four Peaks (with Chris and Alison, and former Trib coworkers Chris and Christian), and Pita Jungle (with the Gautreauxs). Sadly, I was not able to get any fish tacos at Las Palapas in Yuma, but I understand Andrea had enough for the both of us.
  • We were happy to be able to see Chris's aunt Kathy and uncle Dave from Illinois, who happened to be in town at the same time as we were.

I'm sure I've left some things out ... maybe Chris will add to the list later (hint, hint). We had such a fun time - I wish we could take two weeks off every year for the holidays!

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The Poty's said...

I'm in love with Hobby Lobby too! It's one of my favorite stores.