Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Some of our friends in Phoenix have a fondue dinner at Holly & Daniel's every year around the holidays. I think the tradition started sometime after Chris moved to Yuma, so before now I've only been once (the year I lived there) and I'm pretty sure Chris had never been. This year, it was held on New Year's Day, but Holly, Kelli, Melynda and I got started preparing a couple days early with a baking day, making treats to dip in chocolate ...

Melynda and Holly working on the cheesecake ... it turned out fantastic!
Holly and I made marshmallows ... yum!

The girls (Kelli's missing because she had to take Kyle to the hospital for stitches after the boys' afternoon football game)

All of us at dessert

We had a great dinner, took a break for chatting, beer pong and fireworks, and went back for lots of yummy desserts dipped in chocolate! It was a great way to spend a night with friends we don't get to see often enough. Thanks Holly and Daniel for making such a wonderful feast ... the cocktails were pretty delicous, too!

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