Friday, January 8, 2010

The Resolution (part one)

The other day I decided that my New Year's Resolution would be to do 10 things all Nevadans should do by Nevada Day (Oct. 31). I posted this on Facebook, requesting some suggestions. Of the suggestions I received, here are the ones I have already done (or partially done):

  • Reno Rodeo
  • Reno Air Races
  • Drink a Picon Punch (not at the Star, but at Louie's Basque Corner)

  • Drive Highway 50 - the loneliest highway in America (as far as Middlegate and Shoe Tree, at least)
I went to work and told my co-worker Guy Clifton (author of "You Know You're a Nevadan If ...") that I couldn't believe he hadn't responded. So he handed me a copy of his book. These are some of the things in "You Know You're a Nevadan If ... " that I can check the boxes for:

  • You remember the afternoon movie hosted by Betty Stoddard (note: This is no longer around, however, I did interview Betty Stoddard for a video for work and she told me about all the jobs she used to have)
  • You know there are no horses or cows at the Mustang Ranch and no rabbits at the Cottontail
  • You still call the Reno Hilton "the MGM" (note: while the resort once known as MGM had new owners and a new name when we moved here, it was a hotel that we used to stay with my dad when we were kids. It had this awesome red carpeted staircase and black and white pictures of old movie stars. It later became Bally's, then the Hilton, and now is the Grand Sierra Resort.)
  • You've eaten an Awful Awful
                              • You know what going to the "Wal" means
                              • You know Moana (as in Lane, Stadium, etc.) is pronounced MO-ANN-A, not MO-ONN-A
                              • You think of only one lake when someone says THE lake
                              • You root for Andre Agassi (note: although I understand the connection, this actually has nothing to do with me living in Nevada. Fun fact - my first live sports assignment in college was an Agassi-Chang match.)
                              • You bought liquor from Ben
                              • Marilyn Newton has taken your picture for the paper (note: I don't think she has taken my picture, but we've been on many assignments together.)
                              • You've had Mama's raviolis at Casale's
                              • You watched the Reno Aces (note: obviously this was a different Aces, before our time here, but the statement is true as written.)

                              • You've watched a parade in downtown Reno
                              • You know Nevada's Ty Cobb was a newspaperman, not a baseball player

                              Next I will compile the suggestions and come up with the 10 things to cross off the list this year ... Stay tuned!


                              Drea said...

                              Docking Lambs and actually castrating with your teeth with Pete Paris as your mentor.

                              Tammy said...

                              If not doing that means I'm not a true Nevadan, I can live with that.