Saturday, January 23, 2010

Belated Birthday Wishes and Odds and Ends

Not much has been going on around here since our previous updates. Chris has been on furlough all week and has gotten in some skiing and basketball. I started school and have been pretty busy, but my classes seem like they will be fun. Our weather has been as crazy as everyone else's, but while most of you have had rain, we've had snow.

Last weekend, my Dad had a birthday. It sounded like he had a great birthday dinner Saturday, and the next day he had a birthday lunch at Santa Anita with his brother. Here is the bugle player who announces the races playing him Happy Birthday at lunch! We're so glad you had a great birthday, Dad!
Also, our great Aunt Ruth turned 90 this week! She is having a party today and we wish we could be there - I look forward to hearing the stories afterward.

Me and Aunt Ruth, circa 2006

In Scoop news, she has rediscovered the box I brought her home in, which has a pillow from my mom's house in it. Her new thing is to jump in the box and "get under the covers" of the pillowcase and sleep there all morning. She is too funny.

Hope you all are doing well and have a wonderful weekend!

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Sarah Boggan said...

Scoop looks so snuggly in the pillow case! So cute!