Sunday, February 1, 2009

Déjà vu

Is this the way the Super Bowl XLIII felt to any other ASU fans?
It was so reminiscent of the last time the Valley had a Cinderella-esque team playing for a championship.

Last time it was Jake Plummer in the 1997 Rose Bowl, willing the Sun Devils to the lead late in the fourth quarter only to see Ohio State march right back down the field for the winning TD with less than 45 seconds to play.

Then Sunday it was Warner to Fitzgerald -- God, that guy is good; how high does he get drafted in fantasy leagues next year? -- to put the Cardinals ahead with 2:37 left, only to see the Steelers march down the field.

Oh, and guess where Santonio Holmes went to college?

At least there was that Diamondbacks' World Series victory in 2001, and Sunday's loss wasn't as frustrating as all those recent times the Suns have been dispatched from the playoffs. But even that D-Backs win is beginning to wear off.

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Laura said...

This was easily the second most heartbreaking loss that I remember in my short 25 yrs as an AZ sports fan. Santonio Holmes is officially on my list of "Dream Killers" right after John Paxson but still before David Stern and Robert Horry. I saw these stats the next day and could not help but think the suns did the same thing in '93- owned the 4th qtr but still gave it away.

Pittsburgh Steelers
4th Quarter Possessions
Plays Yards Result
3 -10 Punt
3 4 Punt
2 0 Safety
8 88 TD

But hey, the good news is that I don't work anywhere where I would have to see the footage over and over again and nobody will talk about how great the Steelers are with their 6 championships....oh wait.....