Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mystery Cup

A couple months back, Michelle sent me this cup from Okinawa. Or is it a mug? Anyhow, I adore it. It comes with a lid and a wooden spoon which hangs from the side. I've been meaning to ask Michelle if it's meant for tea, and the reason for the lid and the spoon - only I forgot to ask until tonight when I got it out for, well, tea. So, while I wait to hear back from the future (it's tomorrow in Japan, duh) I figured I'd see if anyone feels like taking a guess. Which should tell you how desperate I am for blog ideas this week ;)

Oh, and I've decided to call my car HoneyBun, as suggested by Nanette. What's funny (to me, at least) is that it reminds her of South Pacific, but reminds me of Pulp Fiction. (Warning, there is some foul language in the clip below.)

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The Semon Family said...

YES! I have never won anything before in my whole life. Sigh. I can die happy now. :)