Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shower from afar

A few months ago, some friends and family of the V-team decided we wanted to do something special for the arrival of their firstborn, despite the fact that they're 8,000 miles or so away. Andrea spearheaded the effort, and came up with a great idea of making personalized onesies for little Jack or Olivia, or getting a book and writing a personal message, and sending all the gifts together with a video camera to capture their reaction. We gathered names and addresses from all over the country and sent out some invites for this "no-shower baby shower." The Volkmanns and Kanns held mini-showers to make their creations together. Soon Andrea had a box full of treats to send to Benny and Michelle. Finally, the box arrived in Okinawa on Friday. When I talked to Michelle on Saturday she sounded genuinely surprised and said they loved all the goodies. I wish we could have all flown to Japan to shower them in person, but I think this is the next best thing. Benny and Michelle - we love you guys and look forward to the arrival of a happy, healthy Baby V ... or V Baby, if you prefer.

Team Gabel's creations

The Nevins' onesies


The Semon Family said...

What an absolutley adorable idea!!!

The Poty's said...

That's such a cute idea. I hope you made an extra Baggo onesie for when you have a baby Gabel.

Drea said...

Well said Tammy. We can't wait for Baby Jack/Olivia!!