Thursday, April 28, 2011

28 Weeks

This week I am 28 weeks, which officially puts me in the third trimester. Luckily, I am still feeling good and Scoop and I are still enjoying getting out for walks three or four times a week. Thanks to the generosity of the very-excited grandparents, the baby's room now has a changing table and a crib. The room is not entirely put together, but maybe we'll have some pictures for the next update! The co-sleeper has also been acquired and set up in our room, which has forced Scoop's bed to the exact opposite side of the room and she has adjusted very well, which was a relief. Chris has been really great about touching up paint and putting things together and even taking care of the yard on top of everything else. We still have a lot to do before Miss G arrives, but it's so nice to see everything coming together. This week we started our childbirth classes, and at the end of class last night we toured the hospital and picked up our registration paperwork. It's all becoming so much more real and exciting (and, after watching a childbirth video, a little frightening, too). At my doctor's appointment today I found out my total weight gain (from my first appointment at 8 weeks) has been 20 pounds, which they tell me is good. And in other good news, after a three-hour lab appointment and four blood draws yesterday, I found out today I do not have gestational diabetes and can enjoy a one of the leftover Easter cupcakes that has been taunting me all week without guilt or worry. Hooray! Baby has been kicking even more and the kicks are getting stronger, but not yet in an uncomfortable way and I love feeling her move around. We are just so grateful at how great this experience has been so far and thankful for all the love you all have shown us!

P.S. Scoop and I are doing the March of Dimes March for Babies on Saturday. We're super close to our fundraising goal, and every dollar helps!

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Denise said...

Good news about not having gestational diabetes...whew. Hope you all enjoyed the walk today. Really excited for you guys.