Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little things

A few weeks ago, Kat visited home in North Carolina and blogged that she brought back some of her old baby clothes for her own baby. This made me a little jealous, because I don't think anyone has any of my old clothes around, and me and Mena had some pretty rad outfits. But I do have a couple of my favorite things that I am excited to share with little Miss G, so that makes up for it I think ...

The Littlest Angel was my favorite book when I was little. It was a gift from my Dad, and I've kept it with me ever since I moved away from home. I still like to read it every now and then and look forward to having someone to read it to. I don't remember how old I was when I got Goofy here, but it's safe to say he was my favorite stuffed animal (because he's also my favorite Disney character) and obviously he's still with me. I hope the baby loves him, too!

This weekend when I was going through boxes (I'm in purge mode, trying to clear up some space) I found this little silver bracelet, as well as a tiny little gold ring, that were given to me when I was a baby. My mom gave them to me a couple years ago, and I'm not sure who they are originally from, but I could just cry at how tiny and adorable they are. I am so excited to have some of my things to share with the baby!

This week I am 25 weeks. My doctor's appointment went well last week, and we are just so grateful :-)

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Denise said...

Oh how precious!