Thursday, April 14, 2011


Can you believe it's been a year this week since we moved into our house? What a year it's been! Our guest room has seen a variety of friends and family members, we celebrated Chris' 30th birthday and my graduation. We saw our first trick-or-treaters and hosted our first Christmas. We've put personal touches on the house (although there's still a ways to go). We found out our family is expanding. Most recently ...

We've added patio furniture to our backyard, and look forward to enjoying summer evenings sitting around the fire pit.

We've seen the tree that we planted in the backyard last fall begin to bloom.

And we've been moving things out of what was the craft room to transform it into the baby's room. (Last weekend, Chris installed the fan/light for the baby).

We already have made some wonderful memories in this house that over the last year has become our home, and we look forward to the many more memories we will make as our family grows.

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