Saturday, April 23, 2011

Yuma friends, Reno friends

We were very excited this week that Andrea and Jeremy came to visit Nevada during Andrea's spring break. Our Yuma buddies (who now live in SoCal) are going to be moving to D.C. soon, so this was likely our last visit with them before their big move. We are lucky to be living in their home state so that we got to see them on their trip home, and it was great to see them three afternoons in a row before they headed to Elko. (Jeremy's family is in Reno, Dre's is in Elko). Highlights included lunch at J.J.'s Pie Co (a tradition when Andrea is here), and spending some time shopping at Target with Dre, just like when we were roomies :-)

On their last day here, we went to the Aces game. Chris took the afternoon off from covering the game so that he could hang out with the rest of us in the stands.

After we left the game, we Skyped with the V-Team - something that has become a tradition every time we see the Nevins since Benny and Michelle moved to Okinawa.

Now, Benny, Michelle and Olivia are in Maryland, so I have a feeling the next time we have one of these Skype conferences it will be Chris and I on one end and the Volkmanns and Nevins on the other. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit jealous that they will be living so close to each other and my sister. I think a visit to the East Coast will be in our future once little miss is big enough!

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