Monday, May 2, 2011

Scoop's Big Weekend

On Saturday, Scoop and I got up early and headed to the Marina where we met Julie, my co-worker Angela and her dog Yogi for the March of Dimes March for Babies. There were lots of people there to do the two-mile walk and it was a great, sunshiny day with good company.

Scoop got a little nap in, and then we headed off to Bully's Sports Bar for the annual Chihuahua Races, a fundraiser for the SPCA (you may recall I shot video of the races last year). Chris and Erin joined - Chris to help send Scoop down the track and Erin to shoot some video. The track was set up with two lanes, side by side, and each race was the best two out of three. Scoop easily won her first race, but the next one was really close. Everyone actually thought the other dog was going to win. So, no joke, they did a slow-mo replay and Scoop won - by a nose. It was hilarious. In the next round, she also won both races.

She was four-for-four and advanced to the championships on Sunday. Unfortunately, we misunderstood the instructions. Told to come back at 11 Sunday, we thought she could race before we had to leave at noon (Chris for work, me to volunteer at Earth Day) but it turned out sign-ins were at 11 and races at noon. So poor Scoop had to forfeit. But at least she is still undefeated! Maybe next year she will go all the way ... in the meantime, please enjoy this video.

The day wasn't a total loss for Scoop. On my way to Earth Day I dropped her off at Erin and Sandor's so she could play with Sierra and Warren. She must have had a fun time, because we were barely out of the driveway before she fell asleep in the car.

It was quite a big weekend for such a little Scoop.


Denise said...

How fun, how cute. I was imagining the "Chariots of Fire" musical score when you spoke of the slow-mo replay.

Go Scooooooooooooop!

Maggy said...

what a cutie!!!