Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ten years

If you have been paying attention here at Gabel and Gabel lately, you know that today my sister and Miguel are coming from Washington, D.C., and they will be here for almost whole week! There is lots of excitement around these parts. Tomorrow, we will go to Quincy where my sister will have her 10-year high school reunion - I thought that was a good reason to post some of her high school pictures here. Fun fact: Mena was class president her senior year (just like me!) and has done a lot of the planning for her reunion (just like me!). I'm super excited to see some of her friends this weekend - many of them were also like little sisters to me growing up. (We're gonna miss you, Nan!) Above are some of Mena's senior pictures, and some candids are below. I sure wish overalls would make a comeback ...

Mena, Eve and Jacky at good old QHS

Terry and Mena

Nanette, Mena and Opie

Sadie Hawkins '97 - I'm a senior, and Mena is a sophomore

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Nanette said...

Oh my gosh, those pictures give me a tickle!
I am sure sad I am missing everything but you two have fun for me.