Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fun times with Mena and Miguel

Mena and Miguel got in about 5:30 Thursday afternoon from D.C. - about 5.5 hours later than scheduled because of flight delays. When they finally got in, we had to go straight to my softball game, but they were troopers about it - even after such a long day! We had quite the busy weekend, so here is the condensed version: Friday morning we got up and headed to Quincy for my sister's high school reunion. We decorated in the afternoon and the party started about 6 p.m. My friend Ashlie came to help me work the door, and toward the end of the reunion, Chris, Lindsey, and some friends of Mena & Miguel's from the Bay Area arrived downtown to hang out with us. Saturday, Lindsey and I watched the Plumas County Fair Parade in the morning, and in the afternoon Chris and I joined the reunion family picnic. Chris had to head back to Reno that afternoon to work. We went to the fair in the evening. Sunday morning there was no cell phone reception in town for several hours - no internet, credit cards, nothing. It was pretty funny how all us city folk didn't know what to do! But despite being unable to call each other, Lindsey and I managed to meet up to visit Mary Anne and Amy (mother and daughter - Mary Anne was our boss at the school district and Amy was our cheer coach and they are great!). Later, Mena, Miguel and I took a dip in the river at Oakland Camp and then Mom made us a delicious dinner. Monday morning we headed back to Reno, and stopped in Virginia City for a while in the afternoon on our way to visit our cousin Tanya in Dayton. Tuesday we spent a few hours at Lake Tahoe before taking in an Aces game and taking Mena and Miguel for an Awful Awful before they left town early this morning. Here are just a few pictures from their trip (You can see many more here):

Me and Mena at her reunion

Ashlie and Lindsey at The Cap, post-reunion

Chris gets Baggo going at the picnic

Mena and some of her high school besties - Eve, Jackie and Jessica

Oakland Camp

Virginia City

Lake Tahoe

Aces Ballpark


Drea said...

So glad you all had a good weekend!!

Nanette said...

Wow! That is one jam-packed weekend! I love Virginia City-how fun you got to go!

Anonymous said...

You forgot the Nugget. you could of put in your artsy photo, plus that place is a landmark.

Tammy said...

Thanks, Anonymous. I didn't forget it, I just have about a gagillion pictures ... but I did add a link to my facebook album and you can find the artsy shot there ;)

Marina said...

Thanks for everything Tam, we had SO much fun. We almost cried getting on the plane. Miss you already!