Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nights on the Town

Saturday night, Chris and I met some friends at a going-away party for our friend Red who is going to school in San Jose. We went to a new (to Reno) place called Cadillac Ranch. So new, they had quite a few kinks to work out ... but we still managed to have a good time.
Red rode the mechanical bull ...
... and so did Erin

Na and Erin
Vanilla Ice came on and our friend Ray informed me that song is from my generation. At that point, I thought the kids should see how the Roger Rabbit is done. I'm afraid I may not have done it justice.

Team Gabel

On Monday night, Chris and I went out for our friend Tyler's 23rd birthday. (Why is it that we are the oldest of all of our friends?)

As you can see by the pin, Tyler is feeling good

I tried to get a little artsy with the camera, but every time I took a picture someone was either moving, or looking right at the camera. Sigh.

Chris wanted to see what he looked like with Tyler's glasses on ...

... so I tried them, too.

Tyler didn't need them, with his head on the table. (But as you can see by the two thumbs up, he was still feeling good.)


Nanette said...

I'm sure yor rocked that Roger Rabbit!

Marina said...

I've seen you do the roger rabbit on many an occasion Tam, I'm sure you nailed it ;)

volksbloggin said...

where are the photos of you riding the mechanical bull?