Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dirty Job

I learned my lesson from the mud run, so for Saturday's La Tomatina en Reno tomato fight, I wore an orange swimsuit under a black tank top and black sweatpants. I think I can safely say that's the first time I've worn a swimsuit to work ... I was slightly concerned about my unprofessional attire, but once I saw even the local mayors were in sweats, I worried no more. Anywho, the tomato fight was crazy. Even the innocent bystanders spectating from a nearby parking garage got hit. It was nuts.
Tomatoes were flying everywhere ...
People were slipping and sliding, throwing, ducking .. and even dancing. Seems like everyone was having fun ... although for me, I was just worried about keeping my camera and my face safe - so it wasn't quite as fun. Someone even threw a tomato right at my lens. And I took a direct hit in the temple - you might be able see the orange in my hair. But considering what was going on, I came out relatively clean.

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Sarah Boggan said...

I saw this on the news out here. Way to brave the tomato fight!