Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Honeybun's condition

On Saturday, Honeybun wasn't feeling very well. She began having convulsions. Sunday, we let her rest all day. Monday, we took her to the doctor. The prognosis wasn't good - she needed a distributor transplant right away. Luckily, they put her at the top of the list and the surgery was scheduled for this morning. Honeybun is doing much better. She was released from the hospital this afternoon, and is now resting and asking for a shower - she said she wants to look her very best when she picks up Mena and Miguel from the airport next week.

(She also has a new accessory - a front license plate. They are not required in Arizona, but she has been pulled over here for not having one.)


Nanette said...

Glad to hear she pulled through. :)

volksbloggin said...

I thought you were going to say that Honeybun got traded in during the Cash for Clunkers program. Glad to hear she is better.