Monday, June 22, 2009

A Sunday afternoon in Reno

Sunday afternoon, Chris and I headed down to the West Street Farmer's Market to see what there was to see. We had a refrigerator full of fruit, so we didn't do much shopping, but enjoyed the live music and being outside on the first day without thunderstorms in weeks. (Also the first day of summer - coincidence?) I ignored my plan and we shared an order of beignets from the Brickhouse Bakery because Chris had never had one before and they are made to order and OMG so delicious when they come out fresh and hot and bathed in powdered sugar.

We went on a little walk down by the river, and then decided to walk over to the Montages, a condo development where there once was a casino. We happened to get there just when a tour was about to start, so we got to see a few units. They were nice and had big closets, but we decided that for our money we'd want more space ... although we would love to live right downtown (not that we're buying anytime in the immediate future, I am still on unemployment after all).

After that, I convinced Chris to go walk around an antique store for a bit, and was pretty excited when I found this because I've been looking for something big enough to hold my Valentine's roses that I can hang on the wall. (It's very Andrea-esque, no?)

Then we came home and had lunch and I decided to try my hand at some peach preserves. My recipe calls for it to refrigerate overnight before finishing, so I'll let you know how this experiment goes on another day. I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and for all the dads, a happy Father's Day.


Drea said...

Haha, funny you mentioned that about the flowers because I was thinking it looked like my flowers from our apartment! Just today I was trying to decide if it was worth it move them to our new place....suggestions?

Tammy said...

Since the military is moving you, I say take them! If they fall apart on the way or don't go with your new decor, then you can ditch them later.