Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brown thumb?

A few weeks ago I was asking my mom about the herbs and things she was growing in her garden, so the next time she came into Reno we went and bought some plants and she re-potted them for me since she had all the stuff at home (Thanks, Mom!). I brought them home on Saturday and I was really excited about my new little garden ... but now I'm afraid I'm already killing them. (I should have remembered the only plants I've ever had are cactus.)

I have basil, thyme, dill, tomato, rosemary and jalapeno plants. The basil wasn't doing so well when I got it as a result of too much water, but I don't know what I've done to the rest ... except maybe not enough sun? It's been pretty cloudy with lots of thunderstorms here the last few days. I moved them from the ground up to the ledge of our balcony for the day yesterday in hopes of getting some extra sunshine - but it didn't peek out from the clouds until late afternoon. Hopefully tomorrow they will get some more rays. In the meantime, this one little tomato is my only glimmer of hope.

Anyone with a greener thumb than I have any suggestions of how to keep them alive?

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