Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Our trip to Quincy last weekend wasn't all fun and games, unfortunately. On Saturday morning as we were getting ready to go out to lunch with my mom and John, my mom called very upset that they'd had to take their dog Kiana to the vet that morning and there was a chance she wouldn't make it through the night.

Chris and I stayed a couple hours, then headed home, not sure what we could do. As we were pulling into Reno, my mom called to let us know Kiana didn't make it. They'd picked her up and planned to bury her on their property.

Kiana, as anyone who knew her knows, was much more than a pet. My mom and stepdad got her in 2001, not knowing then that my stepdad had less than a year to live. Kiana has been a true companion to my mom in the last eight years, seeing her through the hardest time of her life and cheering her up when nothing else could.

Her sickness came on very suddenly and wasn't diagnosed until it was too late. My mom, understandably, is grieving for the loss of her dear friend. And I know for us, it won't be the same when we go to Quincy to not have her there barking when we pull into the driveway and nudging us the whole time we're there to play or pet her.
Here are a couple pictures of Kiana from when her and mom visited me in Monterey in the spring of 2002. She will be missed terribly.


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Nanette said...

Oh dear! I remeber when they got her-Mariana was SO happy. I am sad to hear this. Please send her my love.

Leia said...

Tammy so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Kiana. Our Sammie was also an American Eskimo. She too suddenly got sick and was gone just like that. People don't always get it but the loss of a pet is just as hard sometimes as the loss of a human. They are both loved ones. Hugs to your mom.

Sarah Boggan said...

So sad. Hugs from afar!