Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just Peachy

The other day we picked up a box of peaches at Costco. Chris said he couldn't eat that many peaches, but I said that's okay, I wanted to try to make some preserves. So, I found this recipe from Martha Stewart and got to work.
Jars sterilizing on back burner, peaches cooking on front burner.

Processing filled, sealed jars.


All done!

I was a little worried, because I don't have a canning pot, that the jars wouldn't process correctly because the water wasn't high enough - but they all sealed like they were supposed to. Success! The moment of truth was this afternoon, when I opened up a jar and tried it on a piece of toast. It was delicious! Unfortunately, it was also more watery than I'd like. So, a couple things I might do differently next time: the recipe says to slice the peaches, so that's what I did ... but I think I should have diced them because there are some pretty big pieces of peach right now. Also, I think I'll cook the peaches longer than it says ... maybe then it won't be so watery. And I'd also like to expirement making peach-plum or peach-apricot preserves next time. I am open to any suggestions from seasoned canners or any recipes you have to share!


Nanette said...

You, my girl, are had core! I am planning on getting some peaches and making some more frezer jam. I'm just a touch lazy you see.
Way to go you!

volksbloggin said...

I miss peaches.