Monday, December 22, 2008

Weeknight Shenanigans

Now that I'm getting off work a little earlier, I can resume my previous social activities. I mean, activity: Watching Chris' city league basketball games with the girlfriends of his teammates.

During the regular season, they play Tuesdays and Thursdays and most of the time, most of us go. (Last week, before a later game, the ladies got together first for a bite and a drink. Hopefully we'll do this more often.) In the pre-season, they play in a tournament. Last week was the final week of the tournament, and they played four nights in a row, winning the first three nights. It was one if the higher scoring games they've played, and a close one. The Shenanigans lost the final game of the tournament 69-72.

Me, Jen, Vicki, Erin, Na and Serena

The boys, after the game. I was afraid to take a picture during the game because it was so intense.

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