Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Vacation, Part 1: Family

Chris and I got up Christmas eve morning to open our gifts from the Gabels and each other, then we packed up and headed to the airport for our flight to Los Angeles and Christmas with the Krikorians.
Christmas eve night we stayed in for dinner with my Dad and Debbie, which kicked off the food fest that lasted through Sunday (okay, it's still going on). We had yummy appetizers (including fried ravioli!), a delicious salmon dinner and several desserts (including the baklava I made as a surprise for my family - my grandma's recipe that came out great!)

Christmas morning we had egg nog French toast for breakfast (see the recipe tomorrow on ;), and in the afternoon headed over to my Uncle George's for Christmas dinner. Jennifer and Jim came with Juliette, and we were so excited to meet her! She is too precious.
Juliette's first Christmas, with her Mommy and Daddy

Juliette would only look at the camera when Uncle Chris was holding her

Chris and I stopped back by Uncle George's on Friday afternoon to see my little cousin Georgie, his mom Lauren and his brother Miles, who came up from San Diego.
Chris and Miles making a Lego tractor

Georgie didn't feel like smiling for the camera after his nap

Then we headed over to see the three Js for an Italian dinner and lots of sweets.

Juliette loves taking a bath before bedtime

On Saturday morning, we went to Long Beach for a couple hours to visit with my great aunts Ruth and Geneie. It was my first time in Southern California for Christmas in probably 10 years, and it was really great to get to spend time with my family for the holidays.

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Marina said...

Looks like a great Christmas Tam, I'm sorry I had to miss it. I'm also sad I had to miss that Baklava! Can we have Christmas together again sometime?