Monday, December 15, 2008

The Constant Struggle

This is a picture of our thermostat, if you couldn't tell. It was taken when I woke up last Saturday. The line on the left indicates the indoor temperature: 55 degrees. Unlike Ernesto, we know how to turn on our heater. The problem is that Chris doesn't want to. Ever. It's become a daily routine, where I ask him if we can turn it on and he says no - or I turn it on without asking him and he comes behind me and shuts it off. Saturday, you wouldn't believe my excitement when he came home from work and suggested we turn it on. But Sunday, when he came home from work and I already had it on, he said "We don't need to turn the heater on during the day." Huh? I was home all day and It. Was. Cold. And then it got colder. We got snow last night. For real this time. And there's going to be more all week. And just a couple hours ago when we went to Chris' basketball game, it was about 24 degrees outside. So when we got home, and I turned the heater on, what does he say? "Not yet." My blankets, sweatshirts, scarves and I are becoming great friends.

Here is the current scene from our balcony:

Without the flash

With the flash


Ernesto said...

Ouch. No need to be mean.

Marina said...

Man, I wish it was snowing here! All we have is rain that becomes ice at night :(

Try and stay warm!

The Poty's said...

I guess we're a bunch of wimps turning our heater on when it was 69 in our house. Of course we do have kids and I only turned the heat on on there side of the house.

volksbloggin said...

I can see having the heater set on low ... but off completely? When it is snowing outside?

Julia said...

I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's your house too and unless your heating bill is $1048 a month, have at the heater! Maybe it's time Chris became friends with his swim-suit as indoor wear! :-)