Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It's been a fun few days around here because Andrea has been staying with us while she's in Reno. The specific reason she's here is because Alexya and Erron were married on Saturday. Alexya and Andrea (and Kat and Annette) were roommates in college, and Andrea and I were roommates in Yuma ... so it all comes full circle. The wedding was beautiful and we're so glad that the bride and groom included us in their day.
Alexya & Erron

Team Gabel

Dre and I


On Sunday, we had Kat, Matt and Derek (aka Zmoe) over for dinner, which was nice because we've been meaning to have them over ever since we moved in. We had a great time visiting, but it we all missed having Jeremy there. Later, Dre and I got to Skype with Michelle and plan out our trip to Japan. I'm so excited!


Claire said...

What a great weekend you had! Love the colorful cupcakes! :) I hope you have many more of these happy reunions & get togethers with friends.

Leia said...

Tammy you look fantastic! Love the one shoulder dress!