Friday, June 11, 2010

Recruiting for the Pack

Last week, a friend from school who works for the University asked if I would be available for a practice shoot for a commercial they were shooting. Since I'm usually on campus working on my internship project anyway, I said sure. So, I went and, apparently, they liked me because they asked me back for the final shoot, which was this afternoon.

photo recreated after my shoot

Some people have asked me what the commercial will be used for, and I'm told it will serve as a recruiting tool online and at orientations and maybe even on TV and during athletic events. There are lots of other people that will be in it, and it will supposedly be done around the fall. To answer other questions that have been asked and will likely be asked again: I did not get paid (but I did receive a fun swag bag) and, no, I still don't know when/if the slot machine I modeled for last summer will come out. But it will be kind of fun if I see this commercial on TV or at a football game!

Even though I shoot video, this was a way higher quality shoot than what I do at the paper
. It was cool to see the video set-up. They did light makeup, tested the sound, had me read my lines turned at different angles and with my hands in various places, and the main videographer showed me the program they use to edit with and how they will put many different people that were shot separately into one scene. It kinda makes me want to learn more about video and get better at it.

Go Pack!

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